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Uncle Leo’s Barn

Ventura County Museums
are invited to tell your stories at the Fair.

All stories presented must relate Ventura County history. Reflecting the focus of your museum or historical society.

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In Loving Memory of Uncle Leo & Rita Vanoni
1915-2014 / 1921-2016

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(uŋ’kl lē’ōz bärn): A large outbuilding on a farm used to store grain or shelter livestock

About the Department

The county fair is a showcase that both educates and entertains. The intent of Uncle Leo’s Agriculture Competition is to exhibit the achievements of our young people and educators and to provide a tool to promote the science of agriculture as an important part of Ventura County’s past, present and future.

Uncle Leo’s Barn is a place where kids of all ages have the opportunity to learn a bit about agriculture as an important part of Ventura County’s past, present and future.  Connecting kids and agriculture is what Uncle Leo’s Barn is all about; watching the sow and piglets play, milking a very special cow and driving in the Kids’ Tractor Pull make Uncle Leo’s Barn a favorite place for the young and the young-at-heart during the Ventura County Fair.

Stories of Ventura County Contest
Open to Museums and Historical Societies of Ventura County. 
Stories presented must relate Ventura County History.  Presentation not to exceed 5 minutes – costumes and/or hand held props are encouraged.

Kid’s Pedal Tractor Pull Daily at 4:00 pm

When you visit Uncle Leo’s Barn be sure to “Snap a Selfie” to help fight hunger!
Take your picture with our special CA Grown display featuring the CA Grown logo and some of the great produce grown in Ventura County, then post your picture to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using #cagrown.  The California Grown partners have committed to donating a pound of food to California food banks for every #cagrown post made in this way.




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Charles and Laurie Vanoni

Vanoni roots run deep in Ventura County, the family has been living and farming here for over 100 years.

At the 1956 county fair “Uncle Leo” and a group of other 4-H leaders put together a display of barnyard animals in an old tent.  Leo saw the need to continue to provide this connection to agriculture for Ventura County families.  The exhibit is now Uncle Leo’s Barn and is a fair tradition.

This year, the Vanoni Family (Leo and Rita’s children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) and friends are busy preparing Uncle Leo’s Barn – Uncle Leo’s legacy for the 61st year of the exhibit at the fair.