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Small Livestock

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(smôl līv’stok’): Small animals raised for food or other products, or kept for use, especially farm animals such as rabbits and poultry.

About the Department

On your next trip to the Ventura County Fair, make sure to stop by and visit our barns. We offer not only rabbits, cavies, turkeys, geese ducks, chickens, and pygmy goats but also rooster crowing, hen cackling, and costume contests that are not to be missed.

We look forward to seeing you in Small Livestock where there is always something feathered or furry to be found.

2018 Small Livestock Market Meat Pen Exhibitors Information:
Information regarding Quality Assurance requirements for 2019 will be posted soon.

2019 Small Livestock Silent Auction:
Friday, August 9th – 10:00 am-3:00 pm
All market ready rabbit, chicken, turkey and duck meat pens will be sold via a silent auction.  To register as a buyer call (805) 648-3376 by July 19, 2019.

Adult & Youth
Cavies, Poultry & Rabbits
Pygmy Goats
Champion of Champions
Costume Contest (cavy, poultry, rabbit, pygmy goats)

Youth Market Animals Rabbits, Roasters & Turkeys

$2.50 per entry per class
$5.00 per entry per class – pygmy goat
$5.00 per meat pen
$5.00 per showmanship (cavy, poultry, rabbits, turkey, market classes)
$5.00 pygmy goat showmanship
$2.50 for Champion of Champions

Cavies, Poultry, Rabbits and Pygmy Goats

Youth Market Animals

All vehicles must be off grounds by 10:00 AM

Cavies, Poultry, Rabbits and Pygmy Goats

Market Animal Live Pick-up

Champion of Champions Contest (please see Small Livestock Entry Guide for complete entry details)
Rabbit, Cavy, Poultry & Pygmy Goat Costume Contests

Rooster Crowing and Hen Cackling Contests


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Click this link for the

2018 Small Livestock Entry Guide
2018 Quality Assurance Master Log 5-31-2018
2018 Small Livestock Entry Form

2018 Poultry & Rabbit QA Info
2018 Small Livestock Quality Assurance Forms

Adult’s Code of Conduct
Care of Beak, Nails, Spurs
Cleaning and Disinfection
Lice & Mites of Poultry
PHI Posters
Parent-Guardian Agreement 1

Representative Agreement 1
Tips for Contacting Perspective Buyers


Welcome to the Small Livestock Department, this is the place to find all the cute lovable pets that you always wanted but could not have, as well as some very strange looking ones that you would not want to own, but are still fascinating anyway.  We are a department that is open to everyone who resides in the USA.  You may see entries from Idaho right next to an entry from the Santa Rosa Valley, all competing for the same first place ribbon.  If it has fur, feathers or something in between, you can enter it here.  Our staff has a combined 70 years of experience with these types of animals, so we can answer your questions or at least point you in the direction of someone who can.  Entering is easy and fun, what’s even better, we take care of your entry while it is here so you don’t have to and you can enjoy the Fair.  We are looking forward to seeing your entry and you at the 2018Ventura County fair.  Also, don’t forget we have some really great contests for anyone from 5 years to ? (we don’t ask).  See-ya at the Fair!!

The Small Livestock Department is presented by Chevrolet