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Youth Horse Show Winners

Presented by Cal Coast Machinery.

(hôrs shōz): Sporting events in which horses and usually riders are judged on their skills in a variety of competitions such as riding or jumping.


The Ventura County Fair is pleased to announce the upcoming Horse Shows for the Ventura County Fair August 1 through August 12, 2018.  For information regarding horse show please call (805) 648-3376.

Dates to be announced
Call (805) 648-3376 for more information

The Ventura County Fair and the Greater Los Angeles Paint Horse Club presents
“Fun at the Fair” – Two-Day OPEN Horse Show
Dates to be announced.

English Classes are offered on Tuesday and Western classes are offered on Wednesday.
All horse, ponies and mules are invited to attend.
Stalls are available for this event.
2018 Fun at the Fair Show Premium
For information regarding the Fun at the Fair Horse Shows, please contact Sue Fleczok at (805) 527-9655 or (805) 428-6581 or email at whoopteedoowest@sbcglobal.net

Cowboy Challenge
presented by the Ventura County Cattlemen’s Association
Date to be announced

EXCA Cowboy Classic Race
Date to be announced

Cattle Sorting
presented by the Ventura County Cattlemen’s Association
Date to be announced

For more information on Cattle Sorting and Challenge contact Otto (805) 312-0097 or Jennifer (805) 559-9952 / vccattlemensfairsorting@yahoo.com

Tri-County Team Roping & Youth Days
presented by the Ventura Tri-County Team Ropers Association
Dates to be announced
For entry information call Joe Yanez (805) 890-4040

Open Youth Horse Show
Dates to be announced
Open to independent Youth – Grange – 4-H, see Youth Horse Show Entry Guide for complete entry information.