July 31

Frank Nilsen

Wednesday, July 31    
11:00Gates Open
All Day, throughout the dayCooking Show (Diane Linderman)Agriculture
All DayChannel Islands WoodCarversHome Arts
All DayTopa Topa Flywheelers DemonstrationAgriculture
All DayChannel Islands WoodTurnersHome Arts
All DayGenealogy, Trains, and StampsGem and Mineral Building
All DayGene West Wonderful Working Wooden ToysYouth Expo
All DayTabelSetting: "If I Were A Princess"Home Arts
All DayTopa Topa Flywheelers DemonstrationAgriculture
All DayNational Park Service Kid's CornerAgriculture
All DayCornhole Tournament / Santa Paula Cornhole BaggersAgriculture
All DayBegonias, Bromelaides, Ferns, Gesneriads, Orchids, Saintpaulias, Hoya, Ivy, Fuschias, Bonsai, Tropical Plants and Wheelbarrow GardensFloriculture
10:30- 4:00Stilt CircusMain Gate and Grounds
11:00- 1:00Glue a Shoe Entries AcceptedYouth Expo
11:00- 4:00Dan Mooney Mosaic TilesProfessional Arts
11:00- 4:00Tillie's Art CornerHome Arts
11:00- 4:00VC Weights & MeasuresHome Arts
11:00- 4:00SeaShore Porcelain ArtistHome Arts
11:00- 5:00Carving- Dick WhiteGem and Mineral Building
11:00- 5:00Wire Wrapping- Phyllis WhiteGem and Mineral Building
11:00- 5:00Tri-County egg ArtistHome Arts
11:00- 7:00Flint making and Cabochon making- Ron Wise & John CookGem and Mineral Building
11:00- 7:00Fossil cleaning- David MautzGem and Mineral Building
11:00-10:00TapagamiYouth Expo
12:00Friesan PerformancesMorgan Arena
12:00All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
12:30Encore DanceSeabreeze Stage
12:00-4:00VC Handweavers & Spinners DemonstrationAgriculture
12:30-5:30Prince Bernard, Sweet Caribbean Steel Drum MusicMcBride Court
12:30-6:00Street Drum CorpsGrounds
1:00What is Food Forward?Agriculture
1:00Gourd Art Techniques/ VC Gourd ArtistsAgriculture
1:00Singer/Pianist, Brady GossStation Stage
1:00FIDO 500 Mini Dog RacesPorker Flats
1:00-6:00BC CharacterGrounds
2:00Fruit Tree Care in DroughtAgriculture
2:00Ignite Martial ArtsYouth Expo Stage
2:00All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
2:00-7:30Slim & CurlyGrounds
2:30Street Drum CorpsSeabreeze Stage
2:30Singer/Pianist, Brady GossStation Stage
3:00Judging for Glue a ShoeYouth Expo
3:00FIDO 500 Mini Dog RacesPorker Flats
3:30Sade ChampagneYouth Expo Stage
3:30Street Drum CorpsSeabreeze Stage
4:00Children's Tractor PullUncle Leo's Barn
4:00Singer/Pianist, Brady GossStation Stage
4:00All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
5:00Tina’s Ports of ParadiseSeabreeze Stage
5:30Singer/Pianist, Brady GossStation Stage
5:30FIDO 500 Mini Dog RacesPorker Flats
6:30Sade ChampagneYouth Expo Stage
6:30All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
7:00Hypnotist, Tina MarieSeabreeze Stage
7:00Fatdaddy SpecialStation Stage
9:00Hypnotist, Tina MarieSeabreeze Stage
9:00WIREDStation Stage
10:00Exhibit Buildings and "Adventures in Shopping" Close