August 7

Frank Nilsen

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10:00Gates Open
10:00-12:00Blessing of the MarriagesSeabreeze Stage
10:00-10:00GenealogyGem & Mineral
10:00-10:00TrainsGem & Mineral
10:00-10:00StampsGem & Mineral
10:00-7:00Fossil Cleaning – David MautzGem & Mineral
10:00-2:00Knapping and Cabochon Making – Ron WiseGem & Mineral
11:00-10:00TapigamiYouth Expo
11:00-10:00Channel Island WoodcarversHome Arts
11:00-10:00Channel Island Wood TurnersHome Arts
11:00-10:00Terrariums & Dish Gardens, Cacti, Succulents, Bromeliads, Geraniums, Tropical & Other Potted PlantsFloriculture
11:00-10:00English Horse ShowMorgan Arena
11:00-10:00Junior Livestock ShowLarge Livestock
11:00-8:00Selfie Station and GamesAgriculture
11:00-5:00Tri-County Egg ArtistsHome Arts
11:00-4:00Seahorse Porcelian ArtistsHome Arts
11:00-4:00Channel Island E.G.AHome Arts
11:00-4:00Golden BrushesHome Arts
11:00-4:00Tillies Art CornerHome Arts
11:00-4:00VC Weights & MeasuresHome Arts
11:00-4:00Dan Mooney – drawingPro Arts
11:00Main Street JazzStation Stage
11:15Best Pie Contest – ready madeHome Arts
12:00Main Street JazzStation Stage
12:00Cooking ShowAgriculture
12:00All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
12:30Ukulele Club of Ventura CountySeabreeze Stage
12:30-5:30Prince Bernard, Sweet Caribbean Steel Drum MusicMcBride Court
12:30-6:00Street Drum CorpsGrounds
1:00-3:00Chick Fil A Cow AppearancesAgriculture
1:00Lemonade Sampling from Chick Fil AAgriculture
1:00Magician, Gus FlamingoYouth Expo
1:00Main Street JazzStation Stage
1:00FIDO 500 Mini Dog RacesPorker Flats
1:00The 5th DimensionGrandstand
1:30Bryan Chan, singerYouth Expo
1:30-6:30Stilt CircusGrounds
2:00Stories of Ventura County ContestUncle Leo’s Barn
2:00Cooking ShowAgriculture
2:00KaMele Wai O Ke AnuenueSeabreeze Stage
2:00Main Street JazzStation Stage
2:00All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
3:00Magician, Gus FlamingoYouth Expo
3:00Barranca Vista DancersSeabreeze Stage
3:00Dance with The UnforgettableStation Stage
3:00FIDO 500 Mini Dog RacesPorker Flats
4:00-7:00Terri Ibers – Oil/ Acrylic PaintingPro Arts
4:00Kids’ Tractor PullUncle Leo’s Barn
4:00Cooking ShowAgriculture
4:00Ignite Martial Arts ATAYouth Expo
4:00Bryan Chan, singerSeabreeze Stage
4:00Dance CompetitionStation Stage
4:00All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
5:00Singer/Pianist, Brady GossYouth Expo
5:30Magician, Gus FlamingoSeabreeze Stage
5:30FIDO 500 Mini Dog RacesPorker Flats
6:00Gold Ciast Concert ChorusYouth Expo
6:30Magician, Gus FlamingoSeabreeze Stage
6:30All Alaskan Racing PigsPorker Flats
7:00Kill SwitchStation Stage
7:30Singer/Pianist, Brady GossYouth Expo
7:30Hypnotist, Tina MarieSeabreeze Stage
7:30Frankie Valle & The Four SeasonsGrandstand
8:30Singer/Pianist, Brady GossYouth Expo
9:00Doc RogersStation Stage
9:30Singer/Pianist, Brady GossYouth Expo
10:00Hypnotist, Tina MarieSeabreeze Stage