The Derby Club

Our Levels of Service

There are three levels of service offered at the Derby Club at Ventura County Fairgrounds. Each has its own
distinct personality. Parimutuel tellers are provided in each area. 

The Shore Room is actually the entire ground floor
of the Derby Club. It is roughly equivilent to the general admission areas at the live tracks. Snack bar-style food service and cocktail and beverage service are available.

The Surfside Room is located on the second floor, and guests are provided with table service for food and beverages, along with upgraded furnishings. The Surfside Room is comparable to the Clubhouse level at the live tracks.

The top level of service and comfort at the Derby Club is the elegant Island View Club, with its more upscale restaurant-style food and beverage service, panoramic ocean view and outdoor deck.
Individual memberships are available.