The 2018 Ventura County Fair

2018 Ventura County Fair Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of the children who entered the 2018 Ventura County Fair Poster Contest. All of the Poster Contest entries will be on display in the Youth Expo throughout the Fair.

First Place

First Prize went to Carys Garvey (15) of Ventura. Carys attends El Camino High School in Ventura, where she will be entering 10th grade in the fall. Carys has varied interests, including photography, music, running, science and math. Carys is also a founding member of STEMbassdors, a Ventura nonprofit company dedicated to teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) skills in K-12 education. She enjoys having the opportunity to learn STEM skills such as CAD and engineering. Carys has been doing art since she was very young. Although she plans to pursue a science degree in college, she hopes she can continue integrating art and creativity into her future career. Carys is honored to have her artwork used for the 2018 Ventura County Fair poster.

Second Place

Second place was won by Madison J. Lonis (18) of Ventura a two-year AP artist at Buena High School. She enjoys painting her depiction of the world around her, and taking any artistic opportunities that come her way. She has been doing art for most of her life, and continually pushes herself further with every piece. In her future she wishes share more of her art with others and become a high school art teacher.

Third Place

Third place was awarded to Katherine Curtis (13) of Simi Valley. She just completed 8th grade at Hillside Middle School, where she was a member of an award winning Mock Trial team and enjoyed the art classes offered there. These classes covered a variety of art mediums including drawing, painting, ceramics, and digital illustration. Her favorite mediums are pen and ink and her drawing tablet.

Katherine really enjoys spending her time drawing from life and coming up with her her own (usually fantasy inspired) characters. In addition to drawing, she likes to spend her time reading and watching movies. She also has an interest in law, which she hopes to pursue along with art through future classes when she begins her Freshman year attending Santa Susana High School.